Chief Daniel Rice

Position: Chief

Hired: 2001

Certifications: Firefighter 2, Paramedic, Certified Fire Safety Inspector, Fire Instructor, Fire Officer 1 and 2

Chief Rice attended Hocking College where he obtained his initial certifications. Throughout his career chief attended the National Fire Academy, Ohio Fire Academy, Knox County Career Center, and several additional courses throughout the State and Country. Chief Rice's goal is to assure each member of the fire district operates as a team striving for greatness with a mission-driven mentality that only benefits our great communities.

Assistant Chief Steve Benedict

Position: Assistant Chief


Assistant Chief Tyler Miller

Position: Assistant Chief

Hired: 2006

Certifications: Firefighter 2, Paramedic, Fire Instructor.

Assistant Chief Miller was born and raised in Martinsburg, Ohio. He joined the Bladensburg Fire District in 2006 as a junior firefighter. He then went onto school and obtained his FF1, FF2 & EMT-B certifications. Tyler attended paramedic school in 2010 and obtained his EMT-P certification through the Knox County Career Center. Over his career with the Bladensburg Fire District, he has worked his way from a line firefighter to Lieutenant to Assistant Chief. Also, he has worked for multiple fire departments in central Ohio part-time. Currently, he works for the City of Mount Vernon Fire Department as a firefighter/paramedic.

Alongside his firefighting career, he is a business owner at Miller's Sugar Shack producing maple syrup. Assistant Chief Miller married his wife Megan in January 2019 and they had their first child in November 2020. Since Tyler grew up as a Mennonite, it gave him an advantage because he is fluent in Pennsylvania Dutch which gives him the ability to communicate with the large community of Amish that we serve in our district.

Lieutenant Nick Kidd

Position: Lieutenant

Hired: 2010

Position: Lieutenant

Certifications: FF II, Paramedic, Fire Instructor,

Lieutenant Kidd started his career with the district in 2010 and has been a Lieutenant since 2013. Currently, he serves as a volunteer out of station 1 and works part-time with the district. He has gained his certifications from the Ohio Fire Academy, Knox County Career Center, and COTC. Lieutenant Kidd grew up in the Bladensburg, OH area and enjoys giving back to his community.

Lieutenant Megan Rice

Position: Lieutenant, EMS Coordinator

Hired: 2009

Certifications: Advanced EMT, Registered Nurse, Certified Flight Registered Nurse, Bachelor's Degree in the Science of Nursing

Lieutenant Rice attended Ashland University and Central Ohio EMS Training, obtaining her EMT, RN, and BSN. During this time she also attended the Knox County Career Center and obtained her Advanced EMT. She joined the department while completing this education and has been serving as the EMS Coordinator since shortly after joining the department. While volunteering for the community, Lt. Rice worked as an emergency room nurse and a trauma nurse leader until she began serving as a flight nurse in the local community as well. Lt. Rice oversees all aspects of the emergency medical services provided and EMS training of the department members.

Lieutenant Kyle Campbell

Position: Lieutenant

Hired: 2014

Position: Lieutenant

Certifications: Firefighter-240, Paramedic, Fire & EMS Instructor, Emergency Vehicle Operations Instructor

Lieutenant Campbell has been a part of the district since 2014 and in the current position since 2018. Lt. Campbell has attended and completed many training opportunities including training from the Ohio Fire Academy, Career & Technology Education Centers of Licking County, Central Ohio Technical College, and training through the United States Army with whom he serves in the National Guard. Lt. Campbell enjoys learning from and teaching his fellow members of the district as well as serving the members of the community.

Lieutenant Jared Mullett

Position: Lieutenant