About Us

Bladensburg Fire District is located in Knox County, Ohio, and covers the 48.8 square mile area of both Clay and Jackson Townships. We cover the southeast corner of Knox county and provide the services of both Fire and Emergency Medical Services with quality and passion.

With 2 stations, Martinsburg - Station 482 and Bladensburg - Station 481, we house a total of 10 in-service apparatuses and over 30 highly trained members.

Our passion lies at the root of our mission, which is found on the home page and is centered around service to our community. We are able to accomplish this by providing the best service that we can, through the training our members receive, and equipment we are able to maintain with the generous support of the community.


Bladensburg Fire District was established originally as Bladensburg Fire Association in 1971 when 40 members from the Bladensburg and Martinsburg communities came together and were trained in firefighting and emergency vehicle operations. 

The first fire engine was a 1952 mid-ship pumper, purchased from Granville Fire Department. A 1964 cadillac emergency vehicle was purchased for EMS, along with a 1948 tanker for water supply.

The original fire station was built by members of the district with assistance and support from the community and still stands today as Station 1.

Retired Apparatus